1: Simone Biles Makes History Gymnast Simone Biles stuns the world with an incredible Yurchenko Double Pike Vault.

2: Breaking Records Biles lands the never-before-seen vault flawlessly, setting a new standard in gymnastics.

3: Unprecedented Achievement The Yurchenko Double Pike Vault features two full flips and a piked position – a first in competition.

4: Biles' Legacy The vault may be named after Biles, cementing her status as a legend in the sport.

5: Inspiring Generations Biles' groundbreaking move pushes the boundaries of gymnastics and inspires future athletes.

6: Innovating the Sport Biles continues to raise the bar with her technical skills and unmatched determination.

7: Trailblazing Talent Biles showcases her incredible athleticism and fearlessness in executing the historic vault.

8: Champion Mentality Biles’ dedication and drive propel her to achieve unprecedented feats in gymnastics.

9: Celebrating Excellence Simone Biles' Yurchenko Double Pike Vault exemplifies the pinnacle of athletic brilliance and innovation.