1: Discover the top 10 celebrities on TikTok, from dancers to singers and actors. Get ready to be entertained by your favorite stars!

2: 1. Charli D'Amelio - The reigning queen of TikTok with over 100 million followers. Watch her viral dance videos for maximum fun!

3: 2. Addison Rae - Known for her catchy dances and lip-syncing videos. Follow this talented dancer for a daily dose of entertainment.

4: 3. Jason Derulo - The singer-songwriter shares his music and funny videos on TikTok. Join his millions of fans for exclusive content.

5: 4. Will Smith - The Hollywood star brings his charm and humor to TikTok. Follow him for behind-the-scenes glimpses and inspiring messages.

6: 5. Lizzo - The singer's confidence and body positivity shine on TikTok. Join her for creative content and uplifting messages.

7: 6. Zach King - The magician and filmmaker wows audiences with his visual tricks on TikTok. Follow him for mind-bending content.

8: 7. Cardi B - The rapper keeps it real on TikTok with hilarious videos and behind-the-scenes looks. Follow her for a good laugh!

9: 8. The Rock - Dwayne Johnson's motivational and funny content on TikTok is a must-watch. Follow him for fitness tips and inspiration.