1: "Schnitzel" Enjoy a crispy breaded pork or veal cutlet served with potatoes, salad, and lemon.

2: "Bratwurst" Taste the traditional German sausage made with pork and spices, often served with sauerkraut.

3: "Pretzels" Indulge in a soft and salty baked treat perfect for any time of day.

4: "Sauerbraten" Try this marinated and slow-cooked beef dish served with red cabbage and dumplings.

5: "Käsespätzle" Savor this cheesy German pasta dish topped with fried onions.

6: "Currywurst" Experience the popular street food of sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup.

7: "Rouladen" Delight in thin slices of rolled beef stuffed with bacon, onions, and pickles.

8: "Apple Strudel" End your meal with a sweet pastry filled with apples, raisins, and cinnamon.

9: "Black Forest Cake" Indulge in layers of chocolate cake, cherries, and whipped cream, a true German delight.