1: Title: Kickstart Your Day with These 5 Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Ideas 1. Start your morning with a Greek yogurt parfait 2. Enjoy a simple and nutritious avocado toast 3. Whip up a delicious smoothie bowl filled with fruits and nuts

2: 4. Make a veggie-packed omelette with feta cheese 5. Bake some Mediterranean style oatmeal cups for a quick grab-and-go option 6. Savor a traditional Turkish breakfast spread with olives, cheese, and whole grain bread

3: 7. Try a classic Mediterranean breakfast of hummus, olives, and whole grain pita 8. Indulge in a Spanish-style baked eggs dish with tomatoes and peppers 9. Delight in a fruity quinoa bowl topped with honey and nuts

4: 10. Energize your day with a refreshing fruit and yogurt smoothie 11. Prep some overnight oats with Greek yogurt and berries for a quick breakfast 12. Feast on a Middle Eastern inspired breakfast wrap with falafel and tahini

5: 13. Make a Mediterranean veggie and egg scramble 14. Bake a batch of almond flour pancakes with berries and honey 15. Enjoy a bowl of chia seed pudding with coconut milk and fresh fruit

6: 16. Try a Lebanese style breakfast platter with labneh, cucumbers, and mint 17. Bake some whole wheat banana muffins for a sweet treat 18. Whip up a protein-packed quinoa breakfast bowl with eggs and veggies

7: 19. Make a batch of baked sweet potato hash with eggs and spinach 20. Prepare a Moroccan-inspired breakfast couscous with dried fruits and nuts 21. Create a Mediterranean-inspired avocado and tomato toast

8: 22. Enjoy a bowl of warm oatmeal topped with nuts and honey 23. Try a classic Mediterranean breakfast of labneh, olives, and cucumbers 24. Indulge in a morning smoothie bowl filled with fresh fruits and nuts

9: 25. Bake some Mediterranean-style almond flour pancakes with berries 26. Savor a simple and delicious avocado toast 27. Try a Greek yogurt parfait topped with granola and honey