1: Looking to shed some pounds? Start your day with high protein breakfasts for fast weight loss.

2: Eggs are a great choice - high in protein and can help suppress appetite throughout the day.

3: Greek yogurt with fruit is another tasty option, packed with protein and essential nutrients.

4: Try a protein smoothie to kickstart your metabolism and keep you feeling full longer.

5: Don't forget about oatmeal! Add nuts or seeds for an extra protein boost.

6: Lean turkey or chicken sausage is a savory breakfast option that's high in protein.

7: Cottage cheese with berries is a delicious and satisfying choice for weight loss.

8: Quinoa and chia seed pudding is a nutrient-dense breakfast that's high in protein.

9: Swap sugary cereals for these high protein breakfasts to help you reach your weight loss goals faster.